Mar 17 2015

I’d like to tell you a story.

How long do you have? Better still, how fast do you read? Let’s say you haven’t done a speed-reading course and you don’t skim the first and last lines or say a-e-i-o-u out loud while you’re reading—well, there are thousands of words here, and if the average English-reading speed is around 250 words a minute that’s less than a quarter of an hour for some stories, more for others. (Unless you get up mid-sentence to make a cup of tea or answer the phone, then the story will never end.)

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Breaking News

March 2015
‘Dominoes’ shortlisted for the Fish Prize, Ireland, 2014/15.

Best Australian Stories 2013

Nov 2013
‘Mortal Sins’ published in The Best Australian Stories 2013, edited by Kim Scott

Nov 2013
I was invited to write an essay on Kate Murphy’s beautiful video work at Breenspace. Read it here: Enduring Déjà Vu: On Kate Murphy’s Lift

May 2013
The Evening Lands with the story ‘Slipstream’ was launched at Sydney Writers’ Festival. Read it here.

April 2013
‘Mortal Sins’ shortlisted for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013.

March 2013
‘Mortal Sins’ longlisted for the Fish Prize, Ireland, 2013.

January 2013
‘Slipstream’ selected for the UTS Writers’ Anthology 2013. The anthology will be launched at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May with a forward by Anna Funder. Read it now: Slipstream

Dec 2012
‘Past Imperfect’ published in Trunk Book, Vol II, Blood. Read it here.

Nov 2012
Just back from presenting ‘Death Wishing and Cultural Memory’ at the 3rd Global Conference: Suicide in Salzburg. Read it here. A longer version of this paper is due to be published by Inter-Disciplinary Press next year.



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